The Components of Arizona Estate Planning

If you are seeking to create an effective estate plan to protect yourself, your family, and your estate distribution wishes, the following are the components that need to be considered:

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In past years, trusts were often advisable to minimize federal estate tax; however, with the significant increase in the federal estate tax exemption, most people no longer need a trust for tax minimization purposes.  Nonetheless, trust may still be beneficial in certain circumstances, such as to make distributions over time, particularly if minor children may be a trust beneficiaries.  I will help you determine whether a trust is advisable upon learning about your circumstances and distribution objectives.

Without a healthcare power of attorney, your family may have to go to court to petition for a Guardian to be appointed over your affairs.  This potentially can be a costly process, and the Guardian will thereafter be subject to court oversight and required court reporting.

How I Help

Upon meeting with you and learning about your circumstances, I can advise you as to how best to structure your estate plan.  For many people, a will, living will, and healthcare power of attorney are sufficient in order to fully protect their estate; in other cases a trust may additionally be beneficial.


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